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16 June 2010 @ 12:33 am
Well, summer started! C: I just felt like showing off my n00b team. I've been more obsessed with completing HGSS rather than updating my DA. OTL I made so much drawings but I don't bother to scan them. *shoots self* Now I need to keep a friend's promise to read all the Harry Potter books
(I've been skipping on them from book to book. *I'm on Order of Pheonix, but I didn't bother to read Sorcerer's Stone yet xD*) and need to go to Moo's, Chisa's, and Lee's house before they move far away. We only met this year, but they're such great friends that I don't wanna lose... ;A; *cries* So yeah. Better start planning >_>

Anyways~~~ Here's my SS team! :D

See my epic team that beat Matsuba-sama ♥Collapse )
16 May 2010 @ 09:42 pm
 Just kill me now. OTL
12 May 2010 @ 11:42 pm
Insomnia and art block. The two deathly things I have right now.

Since the Disneyland trip and testing week, I had little to none sleep. I need a crash day.

I'm in a moody mood this month cause I remembered that my IRL sempais are graduating and moving onto high school in a couple of weeks! ;A; I'm going to a different high school when I graduate... so, I'm gonna be a loner in 2 years! 8D

Not to mention 5 of my friends are moving after this year is over. 2 of them is going back to Japan since their dad's work is finished (and they're my only Jap. friends too OTL; Jap kids are rare at our school.), 1 one of them is going to attend our rival school next year (but no one is supposed to know that yet), the other one is moving to Georgia for family reasons, and stupid Moo is moving to the middle of NOWHERE where everyone is supposedly "big and dangerous" in his words. I'm actually sad and amused by this actually  *shot* xD

So yeah, I think I'm gonna cry when school ends ;A;

On a brighter note: I'm going to their graduation party even though I'm not allowed to ♥
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23 April 2010 @ 10:20 pm
 So, I haven't been on for 10 days :D I had a choir performance at Disneyland during break and we had to go to the bus at 4 am. We came back around 1:30 am on monday before school started. Yay us for having 4 hours of sleep and 2 hours of last minute homework! What sucks is that the week after break was testing week which was really important for the school so we did some serious cramming before we got back home.

So, yeah, other than that, the trip was fun. It reminded me that I have a life :D *shot*

We got to just roam around the park mindlessly for about 8 hours. I was actually surprised that I only bought two things in the entire trip. There were these fuzzy minnie mouse ears that you can clip on and it wasn't a hat or a headband so I had to get it cause it was really cute *A* And I also bought a Nightmare before Christmas pin cause that is probably my favorite Disney film. 

My roommates were pretty cool, I was glad I wasn't stuck with the friends I see everyday, because I'm one of those people that get really sick of the same people I hang out with when I'm with them too much. [Sorry Love, still love you D8] I actually found that out after the trip. Apparently, a lot of drama happened and about 5 people got sent home, I wouldn't go into details of that cause it was pretty personal, but yeah, no trip is perfect :\

We actually got to sing/sight read Disney songs and they burned it into a CD. Now I know how singers feel like when they put the headphones on. Singing with using one ear for sound and one ear for the music was REALLY hard. I think I started to appreciate bad CDs just because I know what it's like now xD;; I wonder when we're gonna get the copy! *A* We actually sounded decent despite that none of us knew the song we were singing :P

Gah! I wish I can put pics in here but I lost the CD that was supposed to go to the computer. OTL
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29 March 2010 @ 10:06 pm
 Well I have a good advice for you! :D

Write "ImpoRemi", or whatever works for you ON. YOUR. FACE.

Usually, people write it on the palm of their hands; though for some people, it doesn't work for them. Because they're afraid that they'll "forget" to look at their hand.

Why write it on your face? You can't even see it! D<

WEEEEEEELL. People were made to question and be curious. People like today seem to notice outer appearance more. 

They'll surely go "Hey, what's that on your face?" or "What does it say"?

Unless they don't like you, they're quiet, shy, or polite, they won't point it out. Americans and white washed people aren't like that, especially "polite" or "shy".

You will for sure get about 5 questions about it, no less.

The questions will get to the point of "annoying", guaranteed.

That way, you'll never forget what you're supposed to remember because other people keep on reminding you :D
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26 March 2010 @ 10:03 pm
I feel as if everyone in the world is against me. Even friends. Maybe it's just me?
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17 March 2010 @ 11:37 pm
If you can't take the bite, don't play with the dog.
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17 February 2010 @ 10:15 pm
I love this meme ♥

My best guess was BOKECollapse )

LOL The results are pretty even xD
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15 February 2010 @ 10:19 am
 I cleaned out all the crappy journals.


I didn't like them. OTL
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12 February 2010 @ 02:57 pm
Who is "Pico"?

Well, she's my identical twin of course~

No, it's not meika_ichiban

She's a lot moodier than Piyo.

A LOT moodier.

And apparently, we're sharing accounts,

so if you find any PMSing/lame/emotional/depressing journals,

that would be from her.

Cause her life is kicking her in the butt

and feels like she gained weight cause all she's been doing was eat and sleep. And thank god she didn't... yet.

In other words, she's using this made up "Pico" as an excuse to write PMS/lame/emotional/depressing entries.

Other note:

Haha, not kidding, about Pico.

My friends in my homeroom class thought that there was a dramatic change in my personality for the past days, so they decided to give it a name for it.

So it "officially" turned out to be: Pico

Short for: "People In Crabby Ones" OR "Pitiful/Pretty Individual Comes Out"

The anagrams are still not yet decided OTL

Yes, they came up with 2 anagrams cause neither one of them made sense.

And they're awesome like that.

LOL, I actually grew fond of the name thing so I call her Pico now.

Plus, it sounds like "Piyo" xD

Again, don't blame moi for the lame faced journals, blame my super dentical twin! >__< -excuses-

On a brighter note:

I've been dressing a lot better than I usually do

Cause if I feel like crap,

I might as well not look like it.

I also recieved many goodies from IRL friends

Cause they know I hate chocolate :>
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