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12 May 2010 @ 11:42 pm
Oh noes ;A;  
Insomnia and art block. The two deathly things I have right now.

Since the Disneyland trip and testing week, I had little to none sleep. I need a crash day.

I'm in a moody mood this month cause I remembered that my IRL sempais are graduating and moving onto high school in a couple of weeks! ;A; I'm going to a different high school when I graduate... so, I'm gonna be a loner in 2 years! 8D

Not to mention 5 of my friends are moving after this year is over. 2 of them is going back to Japan since their dad's work is finished (and they're my only Jap. friends too OTL; Jap kids are rare at our school.), 1 one of them is going to attend our rival school next year (but no one is supposed to know that yet), the other one is moving to Georgia for family reasons, and stupid Moo is moving to the middle of NOWHERE where everyone is supposedly "big and dangerous" in his words. I'm actually sad and amused by this actually  *shot* xD

So yeah, I think I'm gonna cry when school ends ;A;

On a brighter note: I'm going to their graduation party even though I'm not allowed to ♥
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